Blue Sky CBD Oil Review [What Is Blue Sky CBD Oil]

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Blue Sky CBD Oil Review

blue sky cbd oil review

Not even one year and a half has past since the 2018 farm bill, also known as the Hemp Farming Act of 2018, was sent to conference committee and, subsequently, signed into law in December 2018.

In the short 17 months since then, a myriad of hemp growing farms provided a big push for a new market...CBD based products that are either 100% free of THC, or contain less than 0.3% of the stuff that produces the 'high' in marijuana.

If you searched the internet for a source of good CBD products and/or honest and real reviews, you came to the right place. Myself and all contributors to  'CBD Oil Chronicle dot com' are CBD users who have found a 100% natural alternative to traditional pharmaceutical products. 

Please understand that CBD Oil Chronicle does not offer medical advice.  Any information shared through our site is not intended to be a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

However, if you were looking for an honest Blue Sky CBD Oil Review, you found it! 

blue sky cbd oil

Blue Sky CBD Oil Review - Summary


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What Is Blue Sky CBD - The Company

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Blue Sky CBD was formed by four CBD enthusiasts with a 'unique blend of over 100 years of combined business experience'. 

The Founders

Greg Carpenter

Patrick Colsberg


Chris Miller


Stacey Ricards

Unfortunately, no additional information about the founders can be located, except that they, their family members and friends have found relief from a variety of conditions by taking CBD. 

They reiterate that these claims may not be certified by the FDA, but are proven by the testimonials of countless return customers.

However, a lot more information is made available about Dr. Eric Dorninger...

Director of Research & Development

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Dorniger's 'About Page' on the Blue sky website:

Dr. Dorninger is a renowned functional medicine educator having taught at Naropa University, Bastyr University, 7 Bowls school of Nutrition and Metro State University.
His study of inflammation as “the root of all diseases” led Dr. Dorninger to dive deeper into the current medical literature on the cannabinoid pathways and the impressive effects of CBD in inflammatory disorders (headache, arthritis, brain/mood issues, cancer, etc.). He uses CBD oil regularly in his practice to address inflammatory symptoms based in deficiencies of the endogenous cannabinoid pathways.

Blue Sky CBD Production

Let me give you a run down of the CBD production process from 'growing the hemp' to 'providing the end product'

1) Planting & Growing

Blue Sky Industrial Hemp is grown using non-GMO natural farming practices, outdoors and in mild climate. The farms a located in Colorado and Washington State.

The hemp is grown to be high in CBD and other cannabinoids and having less than 0.3% THC. 

2) Organic Ethanol Extraction

Ethanol extraction is incredibly effective and efficient.The process involves introducing high-grade ethanol to the hemp biomass to extract the CBD Oil and other essential components.

3) Winterization - Decarboxylation

Cooling the oil at extremely cold temperatures causing the natural fats and waxes to separate from the oil. However, these are then removed to ease the formulation process and improve the oil even further. 

Decarboxylation converts the inactive CBD-A molecule to activated CBDby heating the oil to high temperatures.

4) Distillation & Isolation

Distillation is the refining the already extracted hemp material by separating it into three fractions:
  1. Cannabinoids
  2. Terpenes 
  3. Flavinoids

The process also removes unwanted materials such as chlorophyll.

Isolation is the final step in creating a CBD Isolate by separating CBD from all other cannbinoids

The END RESULT are the Blue Sky CBD products

Blue Sky CBD Insights... Dr. Dorninger. Watch this short video for some very interesting details. It's worth your time.

Blue Sky CBD Oil Review - The Products

Blue Sky CBD Tincture 3,000 mg

Blue Sky CBD Oil Review
  • 1 FL OZ (30 mL)
  • 3,000 mg CBD
  • $125 - $0.04 per mg
  • 3000mg of isolated CBD 
  • Fractionated coconut oil. This formula provides our patients with a pure and affordable experience. 
  • 60 servings 
  • Sublingual supplement.
  • Unbeatable value at 4 cents per mg
  • Lab tested: 0% THC

Blue Sky CBD Gel Caps - 30 mg per cap

blue sky cbd oil review
  • 30 mg caps
  • 30 count $ 70 - 8 cents
  • 60 count $120 - 7 cents
  • 30mg of isolated CBD 
  • Sky Gels are ideal to add to any daily regimen
  • The gel capsules are the easiest way to take same dosage of 30 mg daily
  • Use of premium fractionated coconut oil.
  • Unbeatable value at 7 cents / 60 count                    or 8 cents / 30 count bottle

Blue Sky CBD – 1000mg Deep Relief Balm

blue sky cbd oil review
  • 1,000 mg CBD
  • $0,06 per mg
  • ZERO-THC CBD BalmOur unique Deep Relief Balm
  •  CBD topical stick was developed to provide quick and convenient relief from muscle, joint, and back pain

Blue Sky CBD – Pet Love

blue sky cbd oil review
  • 5000 mg CBD
  • $0,10 per mg
  • Our most popular product, now in pet size!
  •  Help reduce stress and separation anxiety and alleviate joint and hip pain in your pet.
  • Blue Sky CBD’s tinctures are made with 500mg of isolated CBD and lab grade coconut oil 
  • Mix directly in with wet or dry food or apply directly in the mouth twice per day

The Pros & Cons of Blue Sky CBD


  • Natural and organic CBD
  • Non-GMO, pesticide-free pure CBD oil
  • Colorado/Washington sourced hemp
  • THC Free
  • 99.9% positive user feedback/reviews
  • Price: Blue Sky products per mg value of $0.04 to $0.10 is among the most affordable CBD on the market


  • CBD Oil only available in 3,000 mg