Cannabidiol Life Review [CBD Oil, CBD Edibles & Pet Stuff Too]

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What Is Cannabidiol Life? This Cannabidiol Life Review shows how their line of CBD Oil products ranks among the elite of Hemp Oil producers. 

Christopher Visser, Owner of Cannabidiol life claims that they 'are different from ANY other CBD company'! To support this claim, he lists 6 reasons. Here is one of them...

"We infuse all of our CBD oils with organic NON-GMO MCT oil derived from coconuts. Here’s why…           'MCT' stands for medium-chain triglyceride and are much smaller in size in comparison to the common LCT.  When we infuse CBD molecules with MCT oil, our CBD oil is able to travel directly from the stomach to the liver without requiring any extra energy. In fact, MCT is almost instantly converted to clean/natural energy for your body.   CBD Companies who do NOT use MCT oil will unfortunately cause the body to spend priceless energy on digestion instead of using that energy for healing".

Let's take a close look at Cannabidiol Life's products, their operation and the company's reputation and find out if Christopher's claim has any merits.

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