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What Is Cannabidiol Life? This Cannabidiol Life Review shows how their line of CBD Oil products ranks among the elite of Hemp Oil producers. 

Christopher Visser, Owner of Cannabidiol life claims that they 'are different from ANY other CBD company'! To support this claim, he lists 6 reasons. Here is one of them...

"We infuse all of our CBD oils with organic NON-GMO MCT oil derived from coconuts. Here’s why…           'MCT' stands for medium-chain triglyceride and are much smaller in size in comparison to the common LCT.  When we infuse CBD molecules with MCT oil, our CBD oil is able to travel directly from the stomach to the liver without requiring any extra energy. In fact, MCT is almost instantly converted to clean/natural energy for your body.   CBD Companies who do NOT use MCT oil will unfortunately cause the body to spend priceless energy on digestion instead of using that energy for healing".

Let's take a close look at Cannabidiol Life's products, their operation and the company's reputation and find out if Christopher's claim has any merits.

cannabidiol life

Cannabidiol Life Review - Summary



Using Experience 

Price vs Value Comparison

Company Reputation

Rating    4.7

Rating    4.6

Rating    4.8

Rating    4.9

Rating    4.8

Total:    23.8

Overall rating :   5.0 stars / 5

Cannabidiol Life caught our attention because their products are full of all-natural healing ingredients. They deserve enthusiastic 5 stars and must be looked upon as one of the premier producers of CBD products!

What Is Cannabidiol Life?

Cannabidiol Life was founded by Christopher Visser (President) & Zach Stephenson (Sales Director). Located in Denver, Colorado, they exclusively source organically grown industrial hemp from Colorado for their extensive line of products.

Their U.S. Patented Extraction Technology  has proven to yield a richer, higher quality, phytocannabinoid-filled CBD oil that is more effective and tastes better than traditionally extracted oils. Without a doubt, the unique extraction method plays a large role in what sets their product apart from those from every other CBD company.

However, Cannabidiol life's research-driven, premium ingredients also play a major part in the superior quality of each of their products.

What Are The Cannabidiol Life Products?

The Cannabidiol Life folks really 'let it all hang out'. I mean, their product line really does have something for everyone and is by far the largest we've come across so far. Take a look at that list:

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

This Full Spectrum Hemp Oil comes in strengths of 250 mg/$29.95, 750 mg/$79.95,               1,500 mg/ $129,95, 3,000mg/$239,95, 6,000 mg/$299,99 and 2,000 mg for Menstrual Relief at $149,95 

Skin Care & Topicals

  • CBD Chap Stick
  • Anti Aging CBD Facial Serum
  • CBD Salve 
  • CBD Massage Oil
  • CBD Bath Bomb
  • CBD Balm
  • CBD Body Butter


On CBD Edibles you will have the choice between CBD Gummies (Baers & Worms). CBD Chocolate or CBD Caramels

CBD Treats for Pets

Our furry friends need to stay healthy too, don't you think? Your cat or dog can enjoy CBD Oil in 3 different mg strengths: 250 mg, 500 mg & 750 mg.


If you get your kicks by sucking smoke into your lungs, Cannabidiol Life will be 'like heaven'. They offer a whopping assortment of 14 different flavors.

The come in 50 mg (10mL) or 250mg/500mg (60mL) of CBD accordingly, and 75/25 max vegetable glycerin to propylene glycol blends

CBD This & That

Cannabidiol Life rounds out their assortment of products with:

  • CBD Pills & Capsules
  • CBD Water
  • CBD Isolate
  • CBD Dabs
  • CBD Wax
  • CBD Chrystals

Cannabidiol Life CBD Price per Dose

Now let's find out 'how much bang for your buck' you get when you buy your CBD product from Cannabidiol Life. We are using a simple formula to achieve that: 

Cost of the product divided by the mg content = price (cost) per dose

250 mg - 5 mL


cannabidiol life review

 $0.12 per mg

750 mg - 15 mL


cannabidiol life review

$0.11 per mg 

3,000 mg - 60 mL


cannabidiol life review

$0.08 per mg 

6,000 mg - 120 ml


cannabidiol life review

$0.05 per mg 

You can see that 'the more CBD in the bottle, the better the price per dose', and 12 cent/11 cent for the 250 mg/750 mg bottles are actually market average, while $0,08 and $0.05 for the larger CBD Oil content are below market average and an absolute bargain.

Pros Of Cannabidiol Life

High Quality Extraction

In order to provide the highest quality CBD product, Cannabidiol Life uses a their own unique and U.S. Patented Extraction Process. Therefore, they achieve a very high-quality extraction. They avoid high pressure CO2 methods and don’t use fossil fuel extraction methods that are widely thought to be “cheap and dirty

Use Of Organic Hemp

All their hemp is grown in Colorado under strict organic guidelines. For that reason, you don't have to worry about residual pesticides or other impurities.

Third Party Lab Testing

Cannabidiol Life provides copies of test results on their website...easy to find.

Lots Of Information

The Cannabidiol Life website is a treasure chest of interesting information. Log on to the website and follow Get Educated >>>Blog and find everything you want to know about CBD related issues.

Price Per Dose

Last but not least of the Pros of Cannabidiol Life. The quality of the products is absolutely First Class! However, the value per dose is almost unbelievable, particularly for the high mg content products. 

Positive Customer Reviews

I watched about 2 dozen video reviews of real Cannabidiol Life customers. These are real testimonials and NOT paid for fakes, done by spokes people. If you have the slightest doubt about the quality of Cannabidiol products, do yourself a favor and log on to their site and hit the Testimonial menu tab 

Cons Of Cannabidiol Life

It was not easy to find a real CON but I feel to let you know about this little fact:

Use Of Artificial Flavor & Color

Yes, it's true. Cannabidiol Life is using artificial color and flavor to spruce up the taste and appearance of their...Gummies. I am not into sweets too much, but I cannot imagine that none-sweet gummy bears would be a hit with kids, or adults with a sweet tooth

Therefore, I will leave it up to you to decide if this is a 'big con' or not.

Conclusion To Cannabidiol Life Review

I am not sure if it can get any better, but Cannabidiol Life definitely ranks among the top 5 CBD producers. The quality of the products is second to none, and he price/value comparison is out standing. Especially the stronger oils give you a 'real bang for your bucks'.

However, if you just beginning to explore CBD, I suggest you start with the lower 'mg-content' product and simply experiment by varying the amount of drops you are taking until you find the right dosage.

Other than that...believe me when I say: "Trust Cannabidiol Life CBD - no matter what your reason, you will not be disappointed"

I hope you enjoyed reading my Cannabidiol Life Review as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you have any questions, don't be shy and leave word in the box below. Thanks  for stopping by. 

John Worthy

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