CBD Oil For Migraines [Don’t Get High, Get Pain Relief]

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CBD Oil For Migraines

Nina Skoda

If you never had a Migraine or a Cluster headache, call yourself lucky.  Both have a way of turning your life into living hell.

I know it all too well. Your productivity at work goes out the window, it interrupts your every daily routine, and your social life becomes non existing.  It totally incapacitates you for 24 hours, or even longer. And sometimes, you wish you would die.

Therefore, migraine sufferers are willing to try anything that might bring relief.

Dietary remedies, any kind of pharmaceutical drug, relaxation techniques and even hypnosis are tried to fight 'the beast'. It shouldn't come as no surprise when something new comes along that shows promise as a treatment, migraine sufferers jump on it like it's the second coming of Christ.

And that's definitely the case with CBD oil for migraine, especially now that CBD oil, derived from Hemp, is legal in all 50 states. For that reason, these products will be managed by the Department of Agriculture and not by the Justice department.

Having said that, Cannabis and cannabinoids gaining wider acceptance as an effective treatment for conditions like epilepsy. However, a lot still has to be done in other areas, including the possible treatment of migraines with CBD oil

Let's examine what we know about CBD oil, how it works, and what the possible effects could be for the treatment of migraines.

What Is CBD Oil?

Lots has been written the past 5 years trying to explain what exactly 'cannabidiol oil' is, and what it does. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound, one of about 120,  contained in the 'Cannabis' plant. 

We should not mistake CBD with marijuana since CBD contains just a minute trace, less than 0.3%, of THC, The stuff that gives 'pot lovers' the high they are seeking. 

A lot is still unknown about this mysterious plant. However, studies proved that CBD reduces epileptic seizures,  which led to the first approval of the FDA for a CBD based prescription drug.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Oil?

Generally speaking, there are many benefits not yet scientifically proven due to the lack of certifiable results of clinical studies. Having said that, the major benefit of CBD oil is the fact that CBD is not a pharmaceutically engineered drug. Obviously, the absence of potential side effects and negative drug interactions associated with pharmaceutical drugs gives CBD derived drugs a big push.

 It is undisputed that CBD has a number of positive pharmacological properties. For example, an essay published in 2018 discusses evidence of anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, antiemetic, antipsychotic, and neuroprotective properties within CBD Oil.

Needless to say that CBD does NOT influence blood pressure, heart rate or psychological functions in any negative way. Therefore, we can say that the use of CBD oil does not have adverse reaction and is safe. 

Is CBD Oil For Migraines?

cbd oil for migraines

Unfortunately, as of the date of this writing, CBD (cannabis) oil in its isolated state,  has NOT been studied in particular for migraines. However, clinical studies on cannabis combined with THC have shown positive results in regards to pain relief.

Until we can rely on  documented studies on CBD and its specific effects on migraine, the only information about the impact of CBD on migraines can come from user reports. 

Luckily, the internet is a treasure trove of information and it was not too difficult to find reports from migraine sufferers who use CBD oil for pain relief. Here is what two of them have to say:

What CBD Oil Users Saying:

Rita, Fremont CA says:

"I am fighting 'the BEAST' for all of my adult life and these migraines make my life a living hell. They hit me without warning, 6 to 8 times every month. I am unable to function, miss work for a day, sometimes two. Usually, I just stay in bed, avoid moving and wait for this terrible pain to stop. 

I gave up taking pain pills a long time ago. First off, they didn't work, and secondly, they messed up my stomach so bad that I couldn't keep any food down for days on end.

To make this long story short. A co-worker told me about how CBD oil relieved her arthritis pain. I had nothing to lose, so I ordered the same stuff she took.

NuLeaf Naturals 4850 mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

It's not cheap, I tell you. But guess what? I followed my friends advise and took 2 drops at the first onset of a migraine. You put it under your tongue, you know, for about 30 seconds before swallowing. Anyhow, I was waiting for the 'beast to hit', and it did come. But it didn't roar. It was just a little whimper, compared to how it hurt usually. I was surprised, not sure what was going on. One hour went by and there was no pain, no sign from the beast. I couldn't believe it. 

I cried for an hour, but not from pain, like I used to, but out of sheer joy. 

Ever since, I did have some migraine attacks with some pain, even with the CBD oil. However, the pain was kind of mild compared to what I went through in the past. I can get out of bed now and I can function now WHILE having a migraine attack. 

My doctor says to keep taking it since there are no side effects, whatsoever. 

Karen, Las Vegas NV reports:

"Hallelujah, the best thing that ever happened to me. I am 34 years old, and 20 of these have been living hell. I suffer from migraines that last 6 to 8 hrs, 5 to 6 times per month. Nothing helped, not even the strongest pain pills. I hate needles, but I did try  'Imitrex injectors', which helped a little bit, but only for about 1 hour or so, then the pain was back.

But now I am happy. My grandma lives in Mississippi and came visiting. She witnessed a migraine attack of mine and pulled out a little bottle with some oil in it. Gave me 3 drops under the tongue, and guess what?

Didn't take 15 minutes and the darn headache was gone. Granny went back home the next day but she left me the half full bottle of 

CBDPure Hemp Oil 600

which lasted me another 4 weeks.

Gotta tell you...every time the migraine started, I prayed that this stuff will do the trick and it has not let me down. However, I  found a couple Facebook groups of migraine sufferers and some folks told me to take the CBD daily, even when there is no migraine attack. 

Therefore, I took 3 drops 3 times a day and I AM ALMOST MIGRAINE FREE Now, only had 2 attacks in 6 weeks. 

No matter what anyone says...that stuff helps. And no government in the world will take that away from me.

What's there to say? Obviously, CBD Oil does have pain relieve properties that need to be proven by clinical studies. However, as a sufferer myself, I take CBD for over 1 year now, and it has helped. Not only with migraines, but also with anxiety attacks. You can read my article right here!

What Does Research Say?

As I said earlier, there were no studies conducted on the effects of pure CBD Oil on migraine headaches, and that's unfortunate.

However, we do have some clinical date on HOW CBD might affect chronic pain and other conditions.

1) Study conducted in 2009: Evidence found that  cannabis compounds may be useful in treating pain in long-time users of opioids who want to lessen their use of pharmaceutical pain relievers.
2) Study conducted in 2012: CBD was found to be effective at relieving some types of chronic pain and inflammation, including the those associated with arthritis and multiple sclerosis.
3) Study conducted in 2016: It was  indicated that “medical marijuana” (though isolated CBD was not part of this study) may reduce the frequency of migraine headaches. In this study, users reported a reduction in migraines from 10.4 down to 4.6 per month.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What Is The Correct Dosage?

A: There is no specific dosage with CBD at this time. It is up to the user to experiment and find out what works best.

Q: How Long Does It Take For CBD To Work?

A: Again, it is difficult to say. Some users experience pain relief almost immediately, while other report a longer time period before it kicks in. It also depends on the way the CBD has been administered. For some applications, vaping will show an effect sooner than the oil is taken sublingual.

Q: Will It Get You High?

A: No. CBD Oil derived from Hemp will not get you high. The content of THC in Full Spectrum CBD is LESS than 0.3% 

Q: What Are The Side Effects Of CBD?

A: Pure CBD Oil or CBD Juice (for Vaping) does not have any side effects. Some people may experience a change in appetite (eating more). However, to be on the safe side, if you are on a regiment of prescription drugs,  consult your doctor before using CBD. 

Q: Which CBD Oil Is Best For Me?

A: If you are new to CBD, do your research before you buy. For example: We ONLY recommend products from vendors that we thoroughly researched. The criteria we look are as follows:

  • Is it clean?
  • Is it pure?
  • How strong is it?
  • Is it 3rd party tested and by whom?

If you are unsure, ASK US. You can contact us via the Contact Form, or simply leave a comment. Either way, we will be in touch with you within a day.

What's In The Future For CBD Oil For Migraines?

Migraine sufferer can look forward to a better future, in my humble opinion. Although more and specified research is necessary, the little bit we can rely on does look promising. 

However, experimenting with CBD oil is risk free, safe and legal. So, there is nothing to stop you from giving CBD oil a try and find out first hand what it can do for your migraine headaches. 


I hope you enjoyed reading my article as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you have any questions or something you want to share with us, don't be shy and leave word in the box below.

Thanks for stopping by

Nina Skoda

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