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CBD Oil Solutions Review!

Before I get to the CBD Oil Solutions Review, lets take a quick look at the

'legal status of hemp growing and the use /sale of CBD

around the country. In short, it's a big mess!

First off, the DEA still categorizes CBD derived from marijuana plants as Category I drug. Therefore, it is illegal, period.

Secondly, although the 2018 Farm bill legalizes the 'regulated' production of hemp, some states have not caught up with the new status of this plant yet. For example, in Washington state, the purchase and use of marijuana is legal, but growing hemp is against the law.

And here is something that will surprise you. California has more than 68,000 registered marijuana growers but has yet to license a single hemp grower. As a side note, California hemp law does not allow hemp flower production, eliminating the plant’s most valuable use - CBD production ( source: mjbizdaily).

what is cbd oil solutions

About Hemp and the CBD Industry

Although Hemp, also known as 'industrial hemp', derives from the same species Cannabis sativa as its cousin marijuana, they are distinct strains with unique compositions and uses. Most importantly, hemp has a lower concentration of THC (the stuff that makes you high) and higher concentration of cannabidiol (CBD), eliminates its psychoactive effects. 

Hemp has been around for many generations and used to make a variety of commercial and industrial products, such as...

  • rope
  • textiles
  • bio-plastics
  • building material, like insulation
  • clothing
  • shoes
  • food
  • paper
  • bio fuel

source: Wikipedia

The lack of nationwide laws and regulations of the 'who can do what' and 'how to use it' leads to an unhealthy and unnecessary confusion by all involved. 

However, despite of all this uncertainty, the hemp derived CBD market is exploding. Economy experts predict that the CBD market for CBD products will grow to almost 2 Billion dollars by the end of 2021.

The number of hemp farming enterprises, producers of a variety of CBD-infused products,  'brick and mortar store fronts' and online distributors, is growing at a fast pace. 

And that brings me to the subject on hand...

CBD Oil Solutions Review Summary

Product Variety - Brands

Product Variety - Categories


Customer Support


Return Policy

Rating    5.0

Rating    5.0

Rating    4.5

Rating    4.8

Rating    5.0

Rating    5.0

Total:    29.3 out of 30

Overall rating :   5 stars / out of 5

CBD Oil Solutions is a unique online marketplace which offers a diverse product catalog and excellent customer service! 

What Is CBD Oil Solutions?

CBD Oil Solution was founded in August of 2017 by a group of service-disabled veterans. The founders of this online market place experienced the countless benefits and enrichment of life through CBD long before the 2018 Farm Bill legalized CBD derived from hemp. They founded this marketplace with a mission and below is their...

CBD Oil Solutions Mission Statement:

We wanted to make CBD both affordable and accessible to customers through the best and most respected CBD brands and products available on the market today with always free shipping all combined with in-depth industry knowledge and education about the benefits of cannabis and CBD products.
We are happy to offer compassionate care CBD oil assistance programs aimed to help make CBD hemp oil products affordable and accessible for all. Our special offers feature programs designed for military veterans, law enforcement personnel, first responders including firefighters and EMTs, disabled individuals including children in addition to low income households.

The company is located in Wyoming and aims to bring customers the best brands and best CBD Oil products with the best prices available on the market today.  

Almost all products offered are available in Full Spectrum containing the complete range of terpenes and cannabinoids, including federally legal THC up to 0.3% as well as CBD Isolate. However, these THC Free products are made from 99.9% pure CBD Isolate where the CBD is isolated as a single substance containing absolutely zero THC.

Product Quality Guarantee!

At the time of this writing CBD Oil Solutions carries  ONLY top quality products from top manufacturers, tested for quality and purity by certified laboratories.

Rating CBD Oil Solutions

Below you'll find our rating of the different criteria that make CBD Oil Solutions one of the top online CBD market places. 

Product Variety (Brands)  

All the products you can choose from are carefully selected with main focus on quality. However, affordability is also an important criteria. Therefore, CBD Oil Solutions makes sure that your cost for these top quality products are extremely competitive and affordable. 

You can choose from the brands listed below:

  • AdvoCANNA
  • Aponi BioBotanica
  • Basic CBD
  • Blue Moon Hemp
  • CBD Drip
  • CBDfx
  • CBDistillery
  • Citizen CBD
  • Populum
  • Prestige CBD
  • Receptra Naturals
  • Rejoice CBD
  • Remedi CBD
  •  Soul Addict

Product Variety (Categories)

Well, the minds behind CBD Oil Solutions are making sure that you will be able to find what you are looking for! For that reason, we award 5 stars 

  • Tinctures (Full Spectrum & THC Free Tinctures)
  • Vape Oil (Juice, Pens, Pods, Cartridges, Additives)
  • Capsules
  • Edibles
  • Topicals (Creams & Lotions Salves & Balms)
  • Beauty
  • Isolates
  • Concentrates
  • Pet CBD Oil


Obviously, online stores of any kind are not like 'brick & mortar' businesses that can be decorated in a way that make shoppers feel comfortable, browse the merchandise and spend their money.

I am sure I am not the only one to walk out of a store because of bad service, messy interior or difficult to find what I was looking for.

Online businesses don't have these kind of issues. However, website design  is just as important as 'keeping a physical store neat and in order'.  More often than not, webmasters try too hard to provide as much details as possible, and by doing so, lose visitors due to 'information overload'.

However, that's NOT the case with the project on hand. CBD Oil Solutions webmaster(s) found the right mix between text and images to avoid info overload. The casual shopper can browse without getting lost, whereas shoppers that know exactly WHAT they want to buy, can get to it with just a few mouse clicks.

The 'question/hidden answer' toggles', displayed on several pages, are a very helpful and positive feature. 

Unfortunately, the use of a bigger font, combined with the choice of a 'too small line spacing', makes for harder reading. (see: page CBD Isolate)

Therefore, we rate the Website Design with 4.5 stars

Customer Support

The CBD Oil Solutions Customer Support is top notch. Although their chat window has not been staffed  when we did our little testing, leaving an email or phone number lead to a response within 4 hours.

However, we recommend to use their contact form that provides enough space to type a detailed reason for contact. Our rating: 5 stars


A contributor to CBD Oil Chronicle, and CBD user for some time now, placed an order for 2 (two) bottles of CBD tinctures on a Tuesday afternoon at around 3:40 p.m. to be shipped to Providence, RI.   Delivery of the merchandise was made on the following Friday, shortly before 5:00 p.m.

Research on the Internet DID NOT uncover any negative reports about CBD Oil Solutions in general, or their shipping in particular. Well earned 5 stars

Return & Refund Policy

CBD Oil Solutions carries a ...


Here at CBD Oil Solutions we are so confident in the products that we carry that we offer absolutely no strings attached money-back guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied with your order. We truly feel honored to be able to help so many get the CBD Oil products that they desire through our competitive pricing and always free shipping. When you purchase your CBD Oil products through our trusted marketplace you are doing so with a risk-free 90 day trial.

Read the complete policy here! Easy 5 stars

Conclusion To The CBD Oil Solutions Review

In case you wonder why we did NOT rate the actual products, here is the WHY:

First off, CBD Oil Solutions is not the producer of any of the  products they are selling. Secondly, we will review products from EVERY brand and publish our findings as the results become available.

However, the lack of ANY complaints about CBD Oil Solutions and the great number of 100% satisfied customers of this well run online shop affirm and corroborate our findings:

CBD Oil Solution is a 100% trustworthy enterprise in the growing CBD Market.  

Ready for some GOOD CBD? Hit the button below, enjoy shopping and tell them CBD Oil Chronicle sent you.

Thanks for stopping by, and if you have any questions, don't be shy, leave word in the box below and we will get back at you in a jiffy.

John Worthy

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