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This Savage CBD Review will take a closer look at the company itself, and tells you everything about their full range of products, including full-spectrum CBD oil, edibles, and vape cartridges.

If it seems like you're seeing CBD products are popping up  everywhere you go, that's because they are. The passage of the US Farm Bill in 2018, which legalized industrial hemp on the federal level, and the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis at the state level, the CBD market exploded over the last year.  

Sales of CBD products are expected to exceed $5 billion this year, and are projected to reach a whopping 20 Billion by 2021. It becomes increasingly more difficult to decide which product to choose. We hope that our Savage CBD Review can help you find the right product for you.

savage cbd review

Savage CBD Products - Summary



Using Experience 

Price vs Value Comparison

Company Reputation

Rating    4.6

Rating    4.9

Rating    4.7

Rating    4.7

Rating    4.0

Total:    23.4

Overall rating :   4.5 stars / 5

Savage CBD products are, without a doubt, top notch and deserve high rating. The company has changed its policy and published more information about itself in general, and the origin of the plants for their products in particular. Unfortunately, Savage DOES NOT have a 'return policy'; IF you have a problem with product, you need to contact customer support and negotiate for an exchange. 

Who Is Savage CBD?

Savage CBD was founded by Chris Wheeler, owner and CEO  of Savage Enterprises, a chain of Vape stores in Southern California. 

Savage CBD offers a variety of CBD products derived from Hemp Oil. Essentials by Savage include...

  • CBD Oil Tinctures (6 different flavors)
  • CBD Lotion
  • CBD Sunscreen
  • CBD Aloe
  • CBD Edibles (Gummies)
  • CBD Pet Spray

Savage Vapable CBD include...

  • Savage CBD Cartridges
  • Savage CBD Disposable Pens

Savage offers its liquids in different exotic flavors like Lemon Lime, Pink Grapefruit, Kiwi Dragon Berry, Fiji Melons and others.

Fortunately, Savage CBD revised its policy and does now provide information about the origin of the plants used in their products. In addition, they do provide the test results from independent labs for all of their products. If interested, follow this link and you will find the lab results under the 'Information' menu tab.

Vapable CBD Products

Let's take a close look at the Savage products, in particular at the different flavors that, supposedly, make Savage products superior to other brands.

Savage CBD

In their words:

The application of cannabidiol or CBD may provide you with significant medical benefits that include stress control, chronic pain relief and more without any psychoactive effect. So, if you are looking for effective yet cheap CBD oil or vape oil, Savage CBD should be your first choice. We have amazing deals going on where you can get the best CBD vape products for highly discounted prices. So, don’t wait, check out our range of high-quality CBD products for sale and start enjoying the benefits of CBD.

Driven CBD

Driven CBD Ejuice is a candied blueberry with notes of sour razzmatazz that will drive this vape flavor home.

Hustle CBD

Hustle is a freshly baked cookie covered in fresh raspberries and frosting, simply one of the best dessert flavors we have ever crafted to this day.

Passion CBD

Savage CBD took the most mouth-watering watermelons and pink candy and infused it with soft notes of sour to bring you this perfect CBD Ejuice!

Serene CBD

Crafting this flavor from the best apple we could find, both green and red apples, we added in small notes of candied sour to bring you your next CBD favorite!

Tranquil CBD

Tranquil is the less expensive way to visit the beach. Mixed with mangos, coconuts, and blood orange, this is the tropical vape you have been waiting to try!

The Vape Shot!

Add this CBD additive into and e-liquid, or really anything and give it a shot of CBD!  1mL = 33mg of CBD

Savage CBD brings you the pure and solvent-free CBD vape additive made from organic CBD oil. The users can experience the amazing benefits of cannabidiol with the fun of vaping. It can be easily mixed with other vape liquids like juice and oil. Vape is an effective way of experiencing the benefits of CBD quickly, especially for beginners. It lets you enjoy the natural hemp flavor in the form of rich, smooth vapor to relieve several pains, tension, and stress.

Ripe Collection by Savage CBD

Fiji Melons CBD

Fiji Melons is a mixture of delicious Fuji apples, Watermelon, and Guava bringing you a mouth-watering combination worthy of all vapers to enjoy as their next all day vape.

Kiwi DragonBerry CBD

Kiwi DragonBerry is as simple as the name. Fresh Kiwis, Dragonfruit and Blueberries mixed to perfection bringing you a fresh mix of fruits you won't be able to put down.

StrawNanners CBD

Well if there's one thing we know, it's that most people love bananas - but in the ecig industry perfecting the banana flavor has been nothing short of a disaster. Savage is one of the few that has taken ripe bananas and strawberries and mixed them together almost perfectly bringing you what a strawberry & banana flavor should taste like.

Essentials By Savage CBD

Besides vapable CBD, Savage also carries a vast assortment of Full Spectrum CBD products.

CBD Oil Tinctures

Cannabidiol or CBD oil is a health supplement that has therapeutic properties to improve your health and vitality. But make sure you invest in an organic or real CBD oil to experience its amazing health benefits like relief from chronic pain, managing stress and depression, relieving arthritis symptoms and more.

CBD Lotion

This lotion is one of the smoothest and most moisturizing CBD lotions on the market today. Our lotion has beautiful soft notes of lavender with undertones of citrus for a nice calming effect. The lotion can be used for dry skin, aches, and pains. 


Savage CBD Essentials presents our premiere aloe.  This aloe is the perfect soothing after sun remedy.  Use it after a day at the pool, beach, or really any time your skin needs that extra soothing touch.  

CBD Sunscreen

Savage CBD Essentials presents our premiere sunscreen.  With an SPF of 30 and high-quality CBD, rest assured that Savage CBD sunscreen will leave your skin protected so you can enjoy your fun day in the sun.

CBD Softgels

Now you can enjoy CBD where ever you are! Our Softgels come packed with 25mg of Full Spectrum CBD, making it easy to dose. 

CBD Pet Spray

Now your furry loved ones can enjoy the best CBD in the industry! These spray bottles are designed specifically for pets and make it easy to apply full spectrum CBD onto any food or beverage! 

Savage CBD - Price per Dose:

This Savage CBD review wouldn't be complete if we wouldn't tell you 'what bang you will get for your dollars', right? We use a pretty simple formula to figure that out. 

Dividing the price by the total dosage in milligrams will show you how to compare products from different vendors. 

Let us show you on 2 examples:

Vapable Hustle by Savage CBD and Savage Lemon Lime CBD Tincture

Lemon Lime CBD Tincture

Potency                      Price                    Cost per MG

1,000 mg               $  99.99                        $ 0.10

1,500 mg               $119.99                       $ 0.08

2,000 mg               $149.99                       $ 0.07

Hustle by Savage

Potency                      Price                    Cost per MG

 250 mg                     $  32.99                        $ 0.13

 500 mg                     $  49.99                        $ 0.10

1,000 mg                  $149.99                       $ 0.06

It's easy to see that you get more value for your money with the higher potency product.  Using this method you can now compare products from different vendors and decide where to get your CBD products.

Pros Of Savage CBD

  • Obviously, the biggest PRO is the Price per Dose comparison. Particularly the high potency products provide excellent value 
  • The variety of the different flavors make Savage CBD products an out standing choice  
  • Savage CBD 'bundle offers' provide the customers with additional savings
  •  Users enjoy health benefits attributed to CBD products without any side effects
  • All their products are guaranteed to be entirely GMO, pesticide, and THC free 
  • Savage CBD provides test results by independent labs for all of their products
  • Military discount and FREE shipping within the continental USA are additional plus points 

What Users Have To Say

Product reviews by users are 100% positive. As hard as we tried, we  could not find a single negative report. Here are 3 write-ups by happy customers

savage cbd review

Conclusion To Savage CBD Review

Without a doubt, Savage CBD products are of the highest quality and belong in the top of products offered in this relative new market. The variety and quality of their vapable product line is outstanding, particularly in regards to the different flavors. However, the variety of non-vape products is kind of 'slim' compared to other vendors. 

The pricing of their products is very competitive, and their specials and 'bundle offers' provide substantial savings to their customers. 

Delivery is a bit slow, but hey, you can't beat their FREE SHIPPING.

Based on about 250 testimonials on their website and inside their Facebook group, you couldn't go wrong purchasing from Savage CBD.

If you are ready to get yourself some great CBD products, head on over to Savage CLICKING THIS LINK and use promo Code JMWPROMO for a 15% discount.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Savage CBD Review as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for stopping by, and if you have any questions, don't be shy and leave a comment on your way out.

John Worthy

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